Tolkien trivia question and answer #13

Tolkien trivia question and answer #13

I heard you loud and clear. Several of you said in reply to my musings yesterday that even though you may not post an answer on the thread you enjoy the questions nevertheless. Those quick on the trigger commenters usually beat everyone else to the punch so, you figure, why be redudant. So be it. (Although you are allowed to skip other people’s answers and post yours blind just to see if you get it anyway.) So the trivia fun will continue.

Yesterday’s question was: “Name two inanimate objects in Middle-Earth that actually spoke.” Here I thought this was a hard one, although no one got both of them right at the same time.  The answer is: “The purse belonging to William the troll (in “The Hobbit”) and Gurthang, the sword belonging to the Turin (in “The Silmarillion”).

Sorry, Joe, but “Old Man Willow” doesn’t count because the trees were not inanimate in Middle Earth, not in a world created by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Here is tomorrow’s question: “Name the kind of pipeweed that Butterbur gave Gandalf and the hobbits upon their return to Bree.” Answer tomorrow.

The original blog post on this trivia feature is here.

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