Narcissus in the gay movement

Narcissus in the gay movement

From the way pro-gay marriage activists were carrying on yesterday, you’d have thought they lost. What the Massachusetts Legislature did was create gay marriage in all but name, keeping it from being portable across state lines. That’s it. In other words, Massachusetts is screwed, but the rest of you are safe … for now.

I got to thinking about why many gay activists are so emotionally invested in this. There were sobbing and weeping galore when they were told they weren’t going to get full-on marriage. Some of them complain that their love won’t be validated by the state. Sorry folks, but that’s not the state’s job. The state isn’t here to validate your love. But isn’t that part of the whole liberal, nanny-state mindset? They’re going to get every legal benefit of marriage, but what they’re not getting, in their minds, is acceptance. They just want all of us to tell them we love them in their gayness.

If you recall what Cardinal Ratzinger once saidk> Mon, 29 Mar 2004 11:12:43 -0600

I will never get this. A group of orthodox and faithful Catholic parents appeal to their bishop for relief against insidious heterodoxy and do it with charity and truth. The Archbishop responds with vitriol and anger and suspicion and orders them to be quiet. And the Archbishop’s spokesman adds to the dismissiveness toward those who want to defend the faith.

“This has been an ongoing, orchestrated campaign for a long time on a number of issues,” he said. “At some point there is an issue of deference to the archbishop. [Colleen Perfect] does not run the archdiocese. He does.”

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Domenico Bettinelli