Those brave and daring NBC executives

Those brave and daring NBC executives

Okay let’s make sure I have the scorecard straight.

Pope Benedict, in a scholarly address, quotes a 14th-century Byzantine emperor under siege by a Muslim army who says unkind things about Islam. The Pope makes it very clear that he doesn’t subscribe to the emperor’s views, but the Islamic world explodes anyway because no should ever mention even the slightest uncomplimentary thing about Islam. Death treats and worries of terrorism ensue.

Meanwhile, Madonna continues her narcissistic and offensive tour including a mock crucifixion with herself in the place of Christ (yeah, right) and NBC even considers putting it on TV and Christians sign some petitions. No death threats. No worries of terrorism.

NBC executives said they didn’t see it as inappropriate. Yet, if she were to do the exact same schtick, but do it dressed as Mohammed, what would they say? You think they would even allow the name of their network to be uttered in the same breath? By their actions they don’t just offend Christians and blaspheme Christ, but they encourage Islamic extremism. After all, the milquetoast Christians get walked all over, but threatening Muslims avoid all kinds of criticism. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

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