Those Xenophobic Redstaters

Those Xenophobic Redstaters

The Boston Globe is running a series on education and today tackles the benefits and challenges of dual-language immersion programs. They begin by noting that Utah has almost 10% of its elementary school students in an immersion program and then add this:

As Massachusetts tries to elevate its education system to be among the best in the world so that it can compete more aggressively in a global economy, it is falling woefully behind one of the reddest states in offering students the opportunity to become multilingual, a critical job skill for the 21st century.

What's the point of noting that Utah is "one of the reddest states" if not to imply that red states (i.e. those that vote predominantly for Republicans) are backwards xenophobes who would be expected to reject culture and anything that smacks of "furreners", and the elitist coastal blue-state liberal snobs should be better than them?