This says it all

This says it all



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  • Jeepers.  Talk about salt in the wound, a picture of Clinton to get over the super bowl?  What is number 9, teddy kennedy’s after party pic?

  • Pictures of 3 candidates – 2 Dems and one might as well be.  Our former governor is conspicuously omitted.
    As for the suggestions – hug a puppy? go shopping? go see Dancing with the Stars? Do you think they’re catering to a particular demographic? Ok, hug the dog if you kicked him Sunday night.

    For my recovery, I try to remember Tom Brady’s words of wisdom. In a 60 Minutes interview (it aired during this season, but I don’t know if it was a repeat) he said he thought of the Super Bowl rings and money and adulation, and he thought, “Is this all there is? ”  In a press conference after a playoff victory he said something like, “We’re not curing cancer”.  19-0 would have been great, but let’s hope the loss helps Tom Brady and all of us put things into perspective.