The silencing of an orthodox pastor in Boston

The silencing of an orthodox pastor in Boston

Remember the brave pastor in the Archdiocese of Boston who told the archbishop that he could not, in good conscience, implement Talking about Touching in his parish? The one who wrote the open letter? Who appeared on Fox’s O’Reilly Factor to talk about it?

What has been the archdiocese’s response? Was it an admission that the program is morally deficient? Was it even a defense of the program as necessary? No.

Fr. Mullen has been silenced. That’s right, he received an order from Archbishop O’Malley not to discuss Talk about Touching anymore.

Think about it. When have you heard of a priest being silenced for speaking out in favor of the Church’s teachings? But in Boston, they’re the only ones who are silenced while priests like Fr. Walter Cuenin go up to the State House and tell legislators that gay marriage is a civil right and tell the New Yorker that ordination of women and gays and an okay for homosexuality are the true Catholic beliefs.

Unbelievable. Tell me again why we were excited about Archbishop O’Malley coming to Boston. Different cast, same play.

Update: As usual, Bill Cork doubts my veracity and wants more details. He thinks I’m creating a martyr. Here are the facts, which Bill could have found himself on line had he bothered to do a search in Google: Fr. Mullen has been directly ordered by an auxiliary bishop of Boston to make no more statements to the media about Talking about Touching. Fr. Mullen began speaking to the media in October after no one in the chancery would respond to his repeated requests to discuss his concerns about the program. As a pastor of souls, he wrote a letter to then-interim Bishop Lennon in June outlining his concerns and asking for a response. Even to this date this pastor has yet to receive a response on a grave matter of morality from his pastor, the old one or the new one. He wasn’t grandstanding. He was being stonewalled.

Gee, Bill, I don’t see you criticizing the likes of Fr. Walter Cuenin or Fr. Richard McBrien for doing the same thing but in order to tear down the Church’s teachings, not build them up.

  • And what makes a letter from the pastor different? It is a request for a meeting. Did you even read the letter? The links to it are on my blog.

    I don’t know for a fact which auxiliary it was, so rather than publish unsubstantiated information, I declined to say. I can’t ask Fr. Mullen because he can’t talk to the media.

    And you’re splitting hairs over silencing. He was told to shut up. That’s bad enough.

    Why does it always seem you take the side of the chancery guys, no matter how bad they seem? Hmmm.