The pictures speak for themselves

The pictures speak for themselves

The San Francisco Chronicle has a photo gallery from the West Coast Walk for Life this past week. Twelve thousand pro-lifers showed up to protest the Roe v. Wade decision and demonstrate in favor of life. A few thousand counter-protesters in one of the most liberal cities in America showed up too. Guess who got the most pictures? Still, the photos are illustrative and it may be that the pro-abortion wackos are more worthy of illustration. after all, most pro-lifers are simple everyday folk, middle-class moms and dads. On the other side are an array of gay and lesbian groups (because they get pregnant?), anti-war groups (shouldn’t they be against violence done to children?) and the usual assortment of left-wing wacko anarchists and conspiracy theorists.

Maya Jones, a volunteer with Not in Our Name, a protest group, said, “We’re here today because abortion is a right, not a choice. As we come up against this Christian fascism that is condoned by our government, it is more important than ever for people to come into the streets and take a stand.’‘

Yeah, look at all the power we Christian fascists have. We’ve stopped gay marriage; removed all the smut from TV, movies, and the Internet; ended abortion ... Oh yeah. But such delusions are all they have. In order to effectively hate us, they must turn us into the monsters we are not. We can’t possibly be normal bread-and-butter middle-class Americans, doing our daily work and raising our kids the best we can. No, we must be secretly planning to strip everyone of their civil rights and force them to be Christians at the point of a gun. So sad.

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