The phenomenal cathedral of Wheeling, West Virginia

The phenomenal cathedral of Wheeling, West Virginia

Gerald at The Cafeteria is Closed was recently in Wheeling, West Virginia, and took photos of the diocese’s cathedral that he has put up in a stunning photo gallery. The Midwest and Northeast are full of these little architectural treasures scattered all over the landscape in surprising places.

Gerald also wants you to know that he’s available to do similar photoshoots around the country for very reasonable rates.

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  • Closer to home, check out the “virtual tour” of Saint Anthony of Padua in New Bedford.  It’s worth a drive down.  It has the largest stations of the cross of any Church in the US, phenomenal stained glass windows and a unique sanctuary area featuring the vision of Saint Anthony. 

    Incredibly, the previous pastor Msgr. Levesque restored the Church to its greatness with his own hands, working everyday on the scaffolding.

    The current pastor is Fr. Roger Landry.

  • See?  Msgr. Bransfield had to give up being Rector of the National Shrine when he was made a bishop, but he did get this cathedral.