The cone of silence descends for gay advocacy in schools

The cone of silence descends for gay advocacy in schools

A Massachusetts school is one of many participating in a homosexual agenda indoctrination day called “Day of Silence.” Westford Academy, which appears to be a public school, is sponsoring the day to “recognize students facing discrimination for their sexual orientation.” Unless you can point to incidents of kids being harassed for being straight, let’s just call it what it is: a day to promote homosexuality by claiming that gay kids are inordinately targeted for harassment. Of course, after parents complained about the blatant pushing of the gay agenda, the school expanded it to be a day to recognize anyone who is discriminated against. Still, everyone knows what it’s really about.

In WA’s “Day of Silence” some students and instructors choose not to speak for the entire school day and communicate only through writing. The day is held nationally in middle and high schools that choose to participate.

... Westford Academy Assistant Principal Jim Antonelli said if teachers choose to participate in the day, they will utilize the same methods of instruction used during a normal school day, including handouts, projectors and white boards.

“The educational process goes on,” Antonelli said.

So teachers can continue to teach as well as they have by not speaking to their classes. Oh yeah, I can imagine how well those classes normally are. Maybe keeping the teachers from talking to their students will be an improvement. Yet another reason why Melanie and I will homeschool.

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Domenico Bettinelli