Goodbye Science, Goodbye Reality

Goodbye Science, Goodbye Reality

Half of Massachusetts' Legislature has passed a new Transgender Bathroom Bill that throws out both common sense and biological science in order to accommodate a couple hundred people in the state ... at most. The other half of the Legislature is sure to pass it and the governor has pledged to sign it.

Not only does the bill allow people to use whatever bathroom they choose based on their current preference, it also removes the word "sex" from many laws and replaces it with "gender identity." Of course, they also included a provision to punish anyone who would "improperly claim a gender identity." How exactly, in the midst of this insanity would you determine that? If we're letting people re-define their own reality, maybe their reality includes a fluid gender identity. Once you've opened Pandora's box, everything is on the table.

Meanwhile, I find it ironic that people who claim that Christians are anti-science and many of the same people who point to climate change as "settled" science, now reject scientific facts that have been in place for all of time.

Here's the reality: You are born a man or a woman. I'm sorry if you have different feelings. I wish I could fly. It doesn't make me a bird.

And speaking of a lack of grip on reality, the sponsors of the bill think the Founding Fathers would be proud of them. No, the Founding Fathers, if they knew what would happen to their new country, would probably have shut down the whole experiment and ask King George to take them back. Sorry, guys, the empire is no better off.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli