The Restroom Problem: I’m Coming In, Too

The Restroom Problem: I’m Coming In, Too

When I'm out with my two oldest daughters, 10 and 8, but without Melanie, when it comes time for them to use the bathroom, I let them go into the ladies' room alone (unless there's a family/single-use restroom available). What else can I do? They're too old for me to take into the men's room and I can't go into the ladies' room with them.

Until now, I guess. As the guy in the video shows, Target's new restroom policy means any man--no matter how he's dressed or whether he's surgically mutilated himself--can now use the ladies' room.

In the past, I thought my girls would be safe in there with other women. But now that any pervert has access, I'm not so sure anymore. So now, ladies, I'll be exercising my new right to enter your bathroom and stand guard over my daughters' bathroom stall while they use it. And you're welcome to come into the men's room to do the same for your boys.

Of course, we could just avoid patronizing Target, which we might do. But once this policy spreads to every business--as is the Social Justice Warriors' intent--that won't be a real option. So get used to men like me in your bathrooms, ladies. You can thank the tiny handful of trans-activists and their SJW allies for that. Sorry.

  • Part of me feels both sides are blowing this out of proportion. On the transgender side, some are making the oppression to be far worse than it is. It’s not like it’s 1962 Birmingham, I have yet to hear of one transgender person being discriminated against in the state of Massachusetts. On the other side, I hardly think that we will see pedophlies come out of the woodwork and start abusing children in bathrooms. Sadly, most abuse happens among people the adults know.

    • There are far more pedophiles and rapists in this country than there are transgenders. So why are we making it easier for the rapists to get access to women for the sake of a very small group?