The abortion, contraception link

The abortion, contraception link

While Catholics are one of the few pro-life groups who oppose both contraception and abortion, most Protestant pro-lifers think that there is no connection. In fact, that’s one of the sticking points among pro-lifers, with some in Congress and among lobbying groups willing to concede family planning funds for contraceptives to block abortion funding.

But now more and more evidence is coming out that links contraception to abortion, just like Pope Paul VI saw in Humanae Vitae. An article at No Room For Contraception that the common idea that increased contraception reduces the need for abortion is a myth.

The contraceptive mentality holds that sex is primarily for pleasure, and that offspring are optional. This is the glue which binds contraception and abortion. This mentality led to an increasing number of unmarried men and women engaging in pre-marital sex at younger and younger ages during the 60s and 70s.

This mentality fostered a false sense of security in regards to preventing unplanned pregnancy and a lax attitude about the risk of pregnancy in general. Concern over pregnancy, something that used to prevent many from having premarital sex, slowly eroded.

Of course even if there was a completely 100% foolproof contraceptive, that’s still morally problematic. But even so, it is the contraceptive mentality that causes so many problems. If it’s not abortion, it’s promiscuity, the breakdown of relationships, parental and spousal abandonment, loneliness, isolation, and so on. Abortion and contraception are not two separate phenomena. The latter is the root and foundation of the former.

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  • Dear Dom,

    I’d like to add another thought.  Radical feminism has made the woman into a sexual object, stripping her of her dignity.  All of what you mention can be easily seen in animals…promiscuity, no relationships, abandonment (in some cases cannibalism), etc.  The beauty of sex has been stripped by radical feminism, to the especial detriment of Woman.  Then the radical feminists wonder why men have a difficult time treating them seriously.