The 2006 Catholic Blog Awards voting is open

The 2006 Catholic Blog Awards voting is open

Voting for The 2006 Catholic Blog Awards is now open and will continue until Tuesday, February 21 at noon (Eastern time, I assume). You can vote once per day. So vote early and vote often!

Like I said before, this is supposed to be fun so keep it in that spirit.

And once again it is an honor just to be nominated ... blah, blah, blah ... even if I don’t win ... blah, blah, blah.

Now, really, please vote for me because I’m starting to feel like Susan Lucci. smile

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  • The thing that frustrates me is that my nominations don’t appear on the lists!  And there doesn’t seem to be any way to email the people who put the voting together to ask what happened!  Infuriating.

  • As I mentioned in the entry previous to this one, each category was winnowed down by the nominating committee to 5 candidates from all the nominees. You can read the methodology I used by reading that entry.

  • Thanks, Dom, that’s helpful.  I don’t, though, recall reading about that at the site that invited nominations.

  • Still, I have a hard time seeing how Jimmy Akin’s blog is nominated as most bizarre.  I mean, it’s a fine blog, but it’s probably more “normal” than any other site in the parish.  And “most creative”? Let me remind you that the name of Jimmy Akin’s Blog is “Jimmy Akin’s Blog”.

  • I admit that’s one of the weaknesses of the current system. How does one define “bizarre” or “creative”? What criteria are we supposed to use?

    Hopefully next year the nomination system can provide some guidance as to what it means by the various categories. Frankly, I think “most bizarre” can lead to a lack of charity and would scrap that one altogether.

  • Dom,

    I understand your point about the “bizarre” categories having the potential to lead to a lack of charity.  I did nominate one for the most bizarre post.  In that post, it was the blogger who exhibited a grave lack of charity.  Anyway, my nomination didn’t make the top 5 anyway.  Plus, it seems to be a pointless category, also, from the standpoint that they didn’t link to the actual bizarre posts that were nominated, only to their blogs.  No way to know which posts are in question.