Thank you

Thank you

I got a nice surprise today as the Amazon Honor System (which is where the “Make A Donation” link on the upper-left side of this page goes) informed me that a number of you have made anonymous donations since I made the announcement a couple of weeks ago that I had lost my job. Since you’ve all made the donations anonymously, I can’t thank you personally, so I will do so publicly. Thank you!

Writing this blog is a labor of love (although sometimes in the midst of flame wars it’s more “labor” than “love”), but it is a drain on our family’s resources. Because I’ve decided to go with my own web hosting and professional software for a more reliable site with more features, this all costs some money per month. That’s why I’ve decided to put ads on the blog. They don’t bring in tons of money, but they do provide enough to cover costs and maybe pay for a dinner out for Melanie and me.

However, with the change in my job situation, I wish I could find a way to turn the time I spend on this site into a way to support my family.

If you’d like to help us out, a small donation would go a long way toward that and will ensure that Bettnet will be sticking around a little longer. I don’t like asking for donations, but I’ll swallow my pride for the sake of my family.

Whether you can give or not, I’m happy to have you here as readers and some of you I even consider friends although we’ve never met face to face. And if you can say a prayer for us and for me to find a new job soon, that’s an even greater gift. Thank you all.

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  • same here, Dom, plus your braveness in putting this stuff out needs some support beyond the normal.