“Talking about Touching” update

“Talking about Touching” update

Here’s the latest development concerning the program called “Talking about Touching” that the Archdiocese of Boston is mandating for use in parochial schools and all parish religious education.

The last we knew, parents had been given the right to have their children opt-out of the program in the schools, and the Concerned Parents were told that Archbishop O’Malley and his subordinates were looking into their concerns. One of the auxiliary bishops even said that he was unaware the program had not had a theological review and that made it problematic.

Now I have learned today that Archbishop O’Malley has sent a letter out to all the parishes that they are required to begin implementing the program and that’s that!

One pastor has said he cannot be ordered to teach sin and that is what this program is. He will resign from his parish before he implements it and he will make a big public stink when he does.

The Concerned Parents were unaware of the letter and will now more urgently ask for a meeting with Archbishop O’Malley (they have been asking for weeks now) and demand a response to their legitimate concerns as Catholic parents.

Archbishop O’Malley’s scorecard so far doesn’t look good. I’ve been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but that is wearing thin:

  • Having Ted Kennedy and John Kerry in front row seats at his installation Mass—Strike one.

  • Rehabilitating Fr. Walter Cuenin—the man behind VOTF and the Boston Priests’ Forum—without any corresponding reform by him—Strike two.

  • Forcing TaT down our throats with no apparent concern for the objections raised by parents and priests—Strike three.

  • I’m back from my internet fast…

    I sat down and reviewed TAT with my REC, or DRE, or whatever.

    I don’t want my son involved: 1st grade.

    Time for dissentors to make noise.

    I recommend everyone order SETON homeschool curriculum, and teach at home…

    or in the case of our parish, at home means in the rectory basement.


  • Anyway…

    Tell me not to raise my arms during The Lord’s Prayer… I’m OK (and trust me, my arms are up there)

    Tell me not to extend my arms toward the priest when I say “and also with you”…  I’m OK (and trust me, I THRUST them out)

    Tell me when to kneel, when to stand, when to speak, hear my confession, etc…  All OK..

    Tell me my kid needs to sit through TAT, and I have a problem…

    I’ve reviewed the entire course for the early ages, it’s not as bad as it is made out in DB’s article.

    TAT is NOT of GOD,
    TAT’s origins are most likely satanic (and yes, I believe in that stuff, also)
    TAT has No Place in CCD or Catholic Schools!

    If you can opt out in your parish, Do!
    If you cannot in your Catholic School, then Home School!
    If you cannot opt out in your parish, PRAY!

    Now I’ve said my piece!

  • Thanks Patrick for the heads up. I just deleted ol’Ed’s comment. It takes great courage to trash someone you don’t know and to label them after having spent a minute on their web site.

  • OK, I stand corrected.

    I restate:

    ON THE SURFACE, it’s not as bad as it is made out in DB’s article.

    DRE’s are sugar coating TAt saying we will not be using anatomically correct terms simply saying:  “places covered by your bathing suit”.

    They say it’s really a course on safety.

    They sandwich the “touching” section way back in setion 8 (interesting, section 8 being the military discharge for mental unfitness or character traits deemed undesirable), between bicycle safety, fighting, crossing the sidewalk, etc..

    If it’s really a course on safety, as its being marketed, then who needs it.

    Dom, Can you please repost the section on where the Pope’s writings would support not sending children through this program?

    The battle has begun…

  • John,

    There’s no need to be insulting. I get lots of email and that which I can’t understand I ignore. I don’t even know who you are, so why would I be ignoring you? If your emails ramble as much as this comment does, then I think I know why.

    What do Paul Likoudis and Bernardin have to do with O’Malley? Why would I want to attack Paul Likoudis? I don’t know him or anything about him.

    And John, I did take note that Kennedy (if that’s who you mean) and Kerry were in the front row of the installation and questioned it at the time. Just check the archives of this site.

    I think you need to calm down and take a deep breath.