St. Anthony come around, a Kindle is lost and can’t be found

St. Anthony come around, a Kindle is lost and can’t be found

My lost Kindle that was found

“OK, Google… Siri? … St. Anthony?!”

I don’t know what it is with me and Kindles. I am now on my third Amazon Kindle after having broken my previous two through various means of cracking the screens. And then tonight, I thought I’d lost my couple-months-old Kindle Paperwhite.

I hadn’t put the Kindle in my bag at the end of the day today as I usually do. I was in a hurry and had already packed everything up when I noticed the Kindle sitting on the desk, so I shoved it in my jacket pocket and went home. When I stopped for gas, I took it out again to read while I waited and then left it on the passenger seat. My second and last stop before home was at the convenience store to pick up milk and eggs.

Then when I got home, I couldn’t find it. There was the usual cacophony at my arrival followed by the unusual need to immediately sit and eat dinner because I was so late tonight. While I was clearing the dishes after, I couldn’t figure out what I’d done with my Kindle. It wasn’t in my coat or by the front door. I went and searched my car, front and back, and even under the seats. I searched the darkened driveway.

I finally figured I must have dropped it at the convenience store, either in the store (I really thought I hadn’t put it back in my coat pocket, though), or worse, on the ground outside the car.

So as soon as we got the kids to bed, I headed out again, driving back to the store where I quizzed the clerk (no luck) and the guys in the pizza place next door (no luck). As I walked out of the pizza place, dejected now because of the loss of yet another Kindle, I said a prayer to St. Anthony. No sooner had the prayer ended in my head than I got to my car door and what did I see? Well, if you see the photo accompanying this post, you’ll see what I saw. There on my car’s roof, right above the driver’s side door, was the Kindle.

Had I left it there and driven all the way back to the store with it on the roof? Had someone found it in the convenience store while I was in the pizza place and put it there for me? Or did an angel sent by St. Anthony drop it there? I’ll never know for sure, although the first option seems as miraculous as the third.

In any case, as soon I picked up the Kindle the bells at the Congregational church across the street began tolling its bells. At 8pm? That can’t be coincidence. Whatever the reason, I took it as divine reassurance of an answered prayer.

Such prayers aren’t spells or incantations, but I believe these little events are faith boosters–little gifts that reassure us that God is with us, loves us, and is concerned about our life’s little anxieties. And that St. Anthony is on the job.

My lost Kindle that was found

  • My teenager has lost his keys twice, and each time searches and searches and asks for help, all the while panicking because he doesn’t want Dad to have to change the locks on the house! Once we’ve exhausted all the possible places (and I’ve interrogated him regarding his movements with said keys), I’ve asked the younger kids to ask St Anthony to pray for us, and say a prayer myself, and then I usually get a sudden inspiration to look in an odd place. It’s worked every time.

  • My mom is not Catholic but she has been a fan of St. Anthony for a long time. And he helps her! She has found many lost objects through his intercession.

  • What a great story! Yes, St. Anthony is the go-to guy for all things lost. He’s come through for me many, many times.