Sputnik in 17th century Italian church?

Sputnik in 17th century Italian church?

  • Dear Dom,

    Perhaps, because I am a bit tired, I can understand the stupid people who think that the Earth (being created by the Trinity) with the two pencils/styli (?) on it looks like a satellite.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  • Yeah, it looks like the Father and the Son inscribing the world with something.  Perhaps symbolically writing (revealing) the Word to the world.

    What did art interpreters before Sputnik think it was?

  • It just looks like the globe/cosmos-sphere. The Father and the Son both hold scepters.

    Back when Salimbeni put it up there, people probably complained about how the scepters made the world look like sticks were sticking out of it. There were probably rumors that they represented the Poles, or similar silliness.