Spinning at St. Joan

Spinning at St. Joan

The pastor of the infamous St. Joan of Arc parish in Minneapolis, in his parish bulletin, tried to explain why that bulletin had advertised a pseudo-Mass celebrated by a “womanpriest”, and in the process of apparently defending Church teaching lays down some whoppers. Not wanting to re-invent the wheel, I’ll refer you to Fr. Zuhlsdorf’s fine summary and response to the inanity.

I’ll agree with Father that the pastor of the parish is in a difficult position, trying to lead people back to the Catholic Church instead of just writing them all off and sending them to eternal damnation as their reward, as some might want to do. Still the pastor would be better served if his defense of Church teaching wasn’t itself fatally flawed and problematic.

And I’m left wondering why it is that Archbishop Harry Flynn thought it was so important to silence an orthodox priest, Fr. Altier, who vocally disagreed with Talking about Touching, but does little or nothing about a parish known far and wide as a haven of heresy and heterodoxy.

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