Spare a cup of oil?

Spare a cup of oil?

Apparently one must actually buy oil in order to keep your oil furnace running. That’s today’s lesson as we ran out of hot water and wondered why.

See, when we moved in two months ago I do remember my landlord saying something about there being oil in the tank. But it was June; I wouldn’t need oil until October. And since we have natural gas for the stove and we had natural gas heat in the old place and we kept getting bills from gas utility…. well, it slipped my mind.

So now the oil tank is empty and it’s Friday night and nobody’s even open until Monday never mind scheduling a delivery. Dangit!

Sometimes I get so mad at myself.

  • I did this a few years ago after moving into my first oil-burning house. Only it was January in the Boston area. I spent the weekend finding old pieces of wood in the basement to break up and burn in the fireplace, and the rest of the time huddled around that fireplace. I later found out I could have bought some diesel fuel and poured that into the tank. It apparently works in home furnaces.

  • Its at times like this that you throw in the towel find a reasonable B&B;and take the Missus out for an unplaned vacation.