Sox in the Series again!

Sox in the Series again!

Sox Win! What a game! Even while the big bats of Papi and Manny were silent, the little guys, like the Mr. October, Pedroia, were providing the thrills. Not to mention the pitching of Papelbon.

Now I’m wishing we could have bought that living room set from Jordan’s Furniture back in the Spring. It’s looking like a good bet now. I hear that up to 30,000 people are set to get their money back.

  • Every since Shilling joined the Sox (and Francona has been their manager) I have been rooting for these guys.  As a long-suffering Phillies fan it gives me some joy to know that these two guys are getting their due.

    When the Sox were down 3-1 I said to myself, “Without a doudt, Beckett’s gonna win Game 5… and there’s no way in heck Shilling is gonna pitch back-to-back bad outings.  It will all rest on whether Dice-K can keep ‘em close in Game 7.”

    All three games were exciting.  And it should make for an interesting WS.

  • At last!! The long three year curse is now over!!

    Do you realize that there are children conceived the last time the Sox went to the series and have never seen them return?

  • Dom;
    As a Miami native and die-hard Marlins fan, seeing Josh Becket and Mike Lowell play key roles brought back memories of our 2003 World Series.
    Thank your for Hanley Ramirez