So yeah, a Nor’easter

So yeah, a Nor’easter

We haven’t had hardly any snow this year in the Boston area. Seriously, to this point in the season we’ve had a grand total of just under 2”. Our normal snowfall by this time of the year should be in upper 20”. You can imagine how glum and depressed the local TV meteorologists have been, If they’d wanted easy weather forecasts, they’d have taken jobs in Southern California.

So you can imagine how excited they all are today. For the past couple of days, they’ve been glowing more and more. There’s been a spring in their step and lilt in their voice as they warn of our impending doom, I mean a Nor’easter. Now by nor’easter standards this sounds like it will be about average. In the Boston area we’re supposed to get 5 to 10 inches, more north and west of the city, less south and east. We usually get two to four of those in a typical winter. But from the way you hear everyone talking about it, this is the Blizzard of ‘78 come again.

So today, the sun is shining and the temperature is a frigid 7 degrees. By this time tomorrow, we should have several inches of snow on the ground, freezing rain falling, with an impending switch back to all snow and white-out conditions. Thankfully, the landlord has a plow-truck come in and do the driveway so all I have to do is clear off the car. Maybe we’ll let Bella play in her first big snowstorm. Fun.

On the other hand, as a responsible Dad, I suppose my days of storm cruising are over. Bummer. There’s nothing like heading out to Marblehead Neck’s Castle Rock or Butler Parl during the height of the storm to feel the wind knocking you back and see the surf crashing on the seawalls. On the other hand, the causeway often floods out in the storm so you can get trapped out there too.  I should look in my archives to see if I ever told the story of the April Fools’ Blizzard of 1997. Now that was a big blizzard.

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  • Dear Dom,

    I went to Bradford College, of happy memory, from 1996-2000.  I recall that storm fondly.  Ironically, I went home during Spring Break and had an equally large storm there.

  • Rejoice, New Englanders!

    All those grossly over-funded snow removal budgets that won’t be spent this year?  Guess what!  All those extra funds will be returned to you on Tax Day, April 15, in a nice, fat refund check.  Since the pols can’t whine and moan about not having sufficient funds to pay for snow removal, they’ve chosen instead to give those monies back to us!  Can you believe it??

    Oh…wait.  This was the post I was going to put on the Fantasyland blog.

    Never mind.