So much for the storm

So much for the storm

Well that was a dud of a nor’easter. We ended with a couple inches of snow and then a whole lot of rain making a very wet, slushy mix on the ground. With temperatures dropping into the teens tonight it will freeze solid making every surface like a giant ice sculpture.

Not that you should take our situation in Salem as representative. We’re just a couple hundred yards from ocean, which creates a micro-climate. Go one town over into Peabody or Danvers and I bet you’ll find more snow. Out in Lancaster, Mass., Phil Lawler tells me he got at least 10 inches of snow, but then they always get more snow than us out in the Worcester hills.

So the meteorologist can be happy that at least some folks got clobbered with snow and their colleagues on the news side can spend the evening news shows predicting doom from all the cars that are going to skid and crash on the ice tonight because, you know, everybody forgets how to drive in icy conditions every summer.

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Domenico Bettinelli