Skunk in the hood

Skunk in the hood

We have a skunk in the neighborhood. Probably more than one. Over the last two nights we’ve smelled him just as we were getting ready for bed and on Tuesday night, he must have been right outside our bedroom window.

Oy, what a stink. It’s especially bad when your pregnant wife is already gagging at the slightest whiff of air freshener, for crying out loud.

I think I saw the little feller the other day when we were driving through the neighborhood. He was scampering around in broad daylight, unafraid of being molested. Who’s going to mess with a skunk?

And that’s what I’m wondering. What could have set off the skunk outside our window? There are no dogs out there.

I once ran over a skunk roadkill and the smell stuck to my car for a week. Good thing it was summer and I could ride around with the windows open. In the winter, I would have left the windows open too, but I would have needed to be bundled up like an Eskimo.

Should I bother calling animal control? I’m not sure they’re going to do anything about it, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt.

P.S. Yes, I know that we should make sure that our garbage is secure. Except the barrels are provided by the landlord and they don’t have lids. I may ask him to provide the lids or go out and buy new barrels for us and our upstairs neighbors.

Oy, the smell.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli