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Site business

A couple of administrative points to mention:

  1. My Internet provider, Comcast, is apparently having some problems today, especially with regard to Google and since Google is on every site, thanks to those Google ads, it’s affecting my ability to access much of the Internet. That’s slowing down blogging so I may not be able to post a lot today. We’ll see if it clears up later.
  2. If you live in the Tampa area and are a Verizon Internet customer, I’m sorry, but you’re probably not going to be able to post comments. That’s because a persistent and annoying Tampa resident who happens to be a Verizon customer won’t get the hint and stop posting her inarticulate and offensive comments despite my deleting them as soon as I see them posted. The only way to block her is block all of Verizon’s Tampa customers or to go back to the days requiring all commenters to be registered as members on my site. If you are one of the unfortunate few caught up in this block, please email me and we’ll see if we can work out an accommodation.

That’s it.

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1 comment
  • Dom,
    could you use Google Analytics (which I know you have because I’ve seen it in the source) to find out more about this person, and block based on those criteria?  I would think there was something unique you could block, like a combination of operating system, location, and ISP. 
    Well, I hope it works out for you, and she doesn’t try to find new ways in.

    Yours in Christ,