Shocker: universal health care broken before it begins

Shocker: universal health care broken before it begins

“Proposed state care plan comes with sticker shock: $380 a month”

A state panel says a package filling the minimum requirements for coverage under the state’s new health insurance will cost $380 a month on average for an individual, almost twice what former Gov. Mitt Romney projected when he proposed universal coverage.

... The minimum plan would limit annual out-of-pocket expenses to $5,000 for an individual and $7,500 for a family and include prescription drug coverage, according to the panel’s proposal.

As proposed, the maximum deductibles would be $2,000 per individual and $4,000 per family. Before the deductible kicks in, the plan would have to cover some medical visits and generic drugs to encourage preventive care.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the “miracle” of Massachusetts’ universal health care coverage law, which is apparently so impressive that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to copy it for California. The gist of it is that everyone is required to have insurance—-everyone—and the state will ensure that there are “low cost” plans for those who can’t afford regular insurance or don’t have it provided by employers. Now—surprise, surprise—we’re hearing that it’s going to be more expensive than previously believe, twice as expensive.

Of course, they’re trying to lay this all on former Gov. Mitt Romney because it was his proposal, but from what I recall the Democrats have a veto-proof monopoly on the Legislature and had made it clear that universal coverage was going to be passed. Romney tried to mitigate it. Evidently not enough.

The fact is that the health care system is broken in myriad ways. (Just read the comments on my recent blog entry.) Universal health care may test well in focus groups, but it does nothing to fix what’s broken.

So the least expensive health care plan will cost $4560 plus a $2000 or $4000 deductible. Let’s go with the high end. That $8500 per year is still less than the $12000 per year I pay for family coverage through a small business co-operative. But imagine someone making just $20000 per year. Combine the high cost of living in Massachusetts with the ridiculous taxes we already pay and that $380 per month becomes significant and unless something very bad happens, you’re still paying more out of your pocket when you get sick.

Once again, the Emperor has no clothes. And the usual howls have gone up from those whose response to finding themselves in a hole is to keep digging. They want even more government subsidies and more burdens on businesses. Drive up taxes and send more jobs out of state: That will surely solve folks’ problem of having enough money.

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