Shedding the apartment dweller’s reflex

Shedding the apartment dweller’s reflex

Melanie and I were talking today about the mental adjustment we’re going through in our new house. I’m having a hard time grasping that we’re not going to be moving from this house for some time, hopefully. Yet, we’ve both been apartment dwellers for so long it’s hard to settle in. In my case, I’ve lived in six different places in the last seven years. I’ve practically been a nomad.

When we got the new desk yesterday, we spent a little time trying to figure out where to store it. I’d had the unconscious reflex that we need to keep it in case we had a use for it in “the next place” we live. Likewise, Melanie’s been holding on to the area rug that had been in the girls’ room in the old apartment. Since we have wall-to-wall carpet we have no use for it, so she finally listed it on Freecycle.

We really are going to stay here for a long time, God willing, and so we can get rid of anything that doesn’t fit our needs in this place. I know we’ll get mentally adjusted at some point soon. Still takes getting used to.