Seeing my baby

Seeing my baby

Baby 3 - Ultrasound 16 weeks Here is our newest son/daughter. The ultrasound technician said 16 weeks is a little early to tell the sex, but she thought it is a girl. And you know that they can never be 100 percent certain that it’s a girl.

So we’ll probably start referring to her as “she” and “her” just so we don’t have to say “it” anymore and be flexible if we’re later proved wrong.

Isabella and I were in the room during the exam, but Isabella could only see blobs on the screen. On the other hand I thought the pictures were even clearer than in Bella’s exams. We saw hands and feet and femurs and heartbeat and spine and the brain and placenta and umbilical cord and all the rest. Everything is just fine, the baby weighs about 6 ounces and the tiny head is about 3.5 centimeters across. We’re steady and on track for a delivery date about February 28.

And the debate over baby names goes on…

  • Hmm.  Feb. 28 . . . don’t forget that 2008 is a leap year . . . could be a “leap year baby.”

  • One of the happiest memories I have is of holding my 19 month old grandson while my daughter had her ultrasound for number 2. Before anyone else could say anything, the moment the image appeared on the screen, my grandson gasped, leaned forward and said “hi baby.” They are 10 and 12 now and are still best friends.
    Congratulations Dom, Melanie and Isabelle.

  • They say we all start out as girls until about half of us diverge from the old XX path.

    Congratulations either way.  She is a beauty, even at such a tender age.

    Say a pray for Sharon and I if you would.  At 2:15pm or thereabouts, we should have finished administering the Sacrament of Marriage to one another and the Mass proper should be beginning.


  • Apparently there is a high pressure system moving in over the Rockies.

    (Sorry ultrasounds always look like doppler radar to me)