San Fran Jesuit U promoting abortion, homosexuality, contraceptives

San Fran Jesuit U promoting abortion, homosexuality, contraceptives

The University of San Francisco (USF) is advertising on the front page of its web site a “human rights film festival” that features films promoting abortion and same-sex marriage and a report by nursing students that promotes contraceptive usage which influenced public policy in Contra Costa County. I was alerted to this by the Cardinal Newman Society.

All of the films in the festival are predictably extremely liberal on the political spectrum, but one of them, “Rosita”, tells the story of a 9-year-old Nicaraguan girl who was molested and got pregnant and whose parents attempted to get an abortion for the girl despite Nicaraguan laws banning abortion. Just from the film’s description alone, we see that it is decidedly pro-abortion in outlook.

Meanwhile, one whole day of the film festival—today—is dedicated to films about “queer civil rights”. All four films present a point of view completely at odds with Catholic teaching on the matter.

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  • With all due respect to Father Fessio, Fr. Pacwa and the other good and holy Jesuit priests out there, would I be wrong to desire and pray for the suppression of the Jesuit order to stop a danger to the faith?

  • “Jesuit U promoting abortion, homosexuality, contraceptives”

    This headline belongs in James Taranto’s Best of the Web column in the WSJ Opinion page.  He usually includes a feature called “Bottom Stories of the Day” that includes the most underwhelming or unsurprising headlines.  Tell me about a Jesuit university not promoting these things, and we’ll call it “news”.