San Fran Catholic Charities supporting moral violence to children

San Fran Catholic Charities supporting moral violence to children

Last year, when the Vatican issued a definitive statement that Catholic agencies were not to facilitate adoption by same-sex couples, Catholic Charities of San Francisco crafted a “compromise” that only served to compromise Catholic values and ignore the substance of the Vatican directive.

What they did was put their adoption staff and money spent on them under the umbrella of a group called Family Builders that not only facilitates adoptions by same-sex couples, but aggressively seeks them out for adoptions.

This is direct material cooperation with evil. Of course, this is not a surprise since the SF Catholic Charities executive director has been an apologist for such homosexual arrangements and is apparently dissenting from the Church’s teachings on the subject.

Now we’re getting a clearer understanding of just what kind of organization the Archdiocese of San Francisco is working with in Family Builders.

Local adoption and foster care agency Family Builders by Adoption unveiled an edgy new marketing campaign targeting LGBT people Monday, May 21 that puts a new twist on language often used by conservatives

The ads feature same-sex couples and their adopted children standing behind the slogans, “Family Planning” and “Intelligent Design.” Underneath the slogans are the phrases, “Our family was no accident – we planned for it,” and “Before we started our family we considered all the options.” The city of San Francisco paid for a portion of the ad campaign, as part of a $100,000 contract.


Supervisor Bevan Dufty spoke in support of the campaign at a news conference held Monday at the LGBT Community Center. The new interpretation of traditional right-wing phrases is expected to draw heat from conservative groups. “The religious right … only seems to care about how a child gets here, and once they’re here, they’re somebody else’s problem,” Dufty said.

Mutual love: Family Builders and CC

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