Rudy Favard is a Hero

Rudy Favard is a Hero

Now, this is the type of story you want to see more of. A football player at Malden Catholic High School here in the Boston area has become a hero to a family of a boy with cerebral palsy by the simple act of carrying the boy to his room each night.

Rudy Favard was a stranger to the Parker family when he was recruited by the school nurse to go four nights a week to their home. Rick Parker, the dad, used to carry his son every night up 14 steep stairs to the boy’s bedroom, but after a cardiac-related illness, he was no longer able. Rudy, and his two backups from the school, started helping out and Rudy has now become almost like one of the family. Click through to the story to watch the video clip and see how much love there is between the big strong son of Haitain immigrants, the captain of the football team, and the small, withered boy who waits on the mercy of those he depends on.

Rudy is just the type of role-model athlete we hope for when our kids look up to sports players. The reporter asks how many teens would do the same, and I’m happy to say I know of several of my nephews who would do the same. That reflects well on both the boys and their parents.

Good for Rudy and the Parkers. God bless them.


Written by
Domenico Bettinelli