Really, you mean it’s a hoax?

Really, you mean it’s a hoax?

According to CBS' "60 Minutes" a key aspect of Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" is a hoax. That's right, the Priory Of Sion doesn't really exist, or at least it didn't exist before the middle of the 20th century. Why does this matter, you ask. After all, it's just a work of fiction. Yes, except that Brown begins the novel by positing the existence of the Priory back to the 11th century as a fact.

Interesting that it was CBS News and "60 Minutes" who broadcast this far and wide. After all, who knows more about faked document hoaxes?

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  • “Interesting that it was CBS News and “60 Minutes” who broadcast this far and wide. After all, who knows more about faked document hoaxes?”

    I’m sure the irony evades them.

  • It does matter to me since a lot of people do beleive that Brown’s work is “informed fiction”. I was in all places working, when my superior wanted to debate the Da Vinci Code. I politely said, “you know it is a work of fiction”, and it only made him believe Brown’s work and taunt me more that I had to just walk away.

  • Ferde: Yes, Dan Rather tried the “fake but accurate” line. Nobody’s buying it anymore. Not even Dan Rather’s defending the memos anymore.

    As for DVC, I have the book right here. It says “Fact: The Priory of Sion is real.”

    Finally, it is inappropriate to even joke about shooting the president. I don’t feel like having the Secret Service crawling all over my site. Don’t do it. No further warnings will be given.

  • Then, with all due respect, you don’t read very closely. Just because my opinions happen to coincide with the Republican Party’s some of the time doesn’t mean I’m wokring from talking points. I have conservative political views. That’s going to mean I agree with other conservatives sometimes.

    How can we trust the CBS story is true if the evidence we see turns out to be faked? How can we trust their other sources? It’s the same question we apply to Dan Brown.

    And don’t be fooled: If CBS does the Church a favor that’s purely incidental. I suggest you read “Bias” by Bernard Goldberg if you haven’t yet. It’ll open your eyes.

  • Today I had the pleasure of viewing the Vatican artifacts on display in Milwaukee.  Two women were examing a copy of The Last Supper and were examining John’s portrait for feminine signs.  I said, “The Da Vinci Code is a fraud.”  They nodded yes, but one said, “I want to see the movie because I didn’t read the book.”  I answered, “Then you are putting money into Dan Brown’s pocket and he is trying to damage the Church.”  There was a soft , “Oh,” from one of them.  I bet they still go to see it.