Prayer requested

Prayer requested

I’d appreciate it if you all could say a quick prayer for my dad. His car was broadsided by a snow plow this morning. They said he is okay, but he is at the hospital now. We don’t know if they will admit him. Of course, it’s always serious when it involves a 74-year-old man who’s had multiple heart attacks and a stroke in his past.

We probably won’t get down to see him today. While the big Nor’easter has been pretty much a bust here in Salem as far as snow fall (about an inch so far), we can expect freezing rain and high winds later. And out where my dad lives they’re getting a lot more snow than us.

Update: My brother talked to him in the ER. He has no broken bones and no outward signs of trauma, and as far as he knows he didn’t lose consciousness. They’re checking for internal bleeding now, but the doctor seemed to think he would be able to go home. He did get hit pretty hard on the driver’s side by the plow.