Prayer request for my nephew

Prayer request for my nephew

My sister sent along this prayer request:

Please keep josh in your prayers. I took him yesterday into the doc’s because he had red hives all over. Good thing we went because the discovered phemonia in his right lung which is exactly what he had when he was hospitalized when Bella was born. Last night we had to call the doc’s again because he broke out in not hives but BLISTERS all over his body. They looked like third degree burn blisters! They said that is most likely a virus that his body is fighting and causing the blisters. This poor kid can’t breathe, and is on about 10 different meds. Keep him in prayer…

If you could say a prayer for the little guy, I’d appreciate it. He’s about 2 years old and has asthma and so this is just another burden for him and his parents. Thanks.

Update: Melanie reminds me that I should ask for prayers for my sister-in-law Carol. She's back in Ireland to see her mother who is seriously ill and may not have much time left. Please pray for them both, if you can. Thank you.

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