Prayer request

Prayer request

If you get a chance, please add my mom to your prayer intentions. She’s suffering from another medical malady that, as she puts it, gives pain that’s a 9 on a scale of 1-10. My mom knows what pain is and has suffered quite a few maladies in her life and she is not prone to hypochondria. Quite the opposite in fact.

As she says:

I don’t mind some pain but this gets up to a “9” in a run of 0-10 and it is hard to function. Almost as bad as when I was having the gall bladder attacks. I offer it up too but I can’t imagine the pain Jesus had to go through or anyone else IS going through. I pray that my offering is helping someone or something.

It seems that as soon as my poor mom gets over one debilitating illness another rears its head. She is a real suffering soul offering up her suffering for others. Even so, I ask that you would pray for her. Thank you.