Prayer request

Prayer request

The reason I put personal prayer requests up here is not because I want to expose our personal life to the whole world, but because I know that there are many of you who do care—many of you are family and friends—and who do offer your prayers sincerely and for that I am grateful more than you can know.

Melanie had a miscarriage today. She’s in the hospital still, but should be coming home later today. I just brought Isabella home to feed her and change her (we were in the emergency room so long we ran out of diapers), and now I’m going back in.

Please pray for all of us and for our families, but especially for Melanie. I know there are others of you who have gone through the same thing and appreciate your understanding. Thank you in advance.

Update: Thank you all for your prayers. They sent Melanie home without having to do a D&C, which is good because as routine as it might be, it’s an operation requiring general anesthesia and thus is always some kind of risk. We do have orders to report back to the emergency room if she starts bleeding again. We had a real good scare while in the waiting room when we first got to the hospital that involved rushing her into a room while I trailed behind with Isabella. I won’t go into details, but if Melanie chooses to talk about it, she’ll probably do so on her blog.

Thank God my mom and my sister Francesca happened to be in town this weekend. I would normally have turned to my other sister, Evelyn, for help but she had her own emergency with two of her four kids and her husband all falling drastically ill with a bad stomach bug overnight. (One had been sick a few days and the others must have picked it up from him; my sister said my poor 7-year-old niece was so scared that she was going to get it next that she was crying and shaking.)

In any case God provides and our little “Francis/Frances” is now in heaven interceding for us. (Melanie confided in me that as she woke from a cramp last night she felt the urge to ask the Lord to baptize the baby in her womb if He willed it.) That’s about all there is to say at this point, I guess. Thanks again to everyone.

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Domenico Bettinelli