Portland archdiocese offers bankruptcy settlement plan

Portland archdiocese offers bankruptcy settlement plan

“Ore. archdiocese offers bankruptcy plan”

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland has filed a bankruptcy reorganization plan that would pay about $75 million to settle nearly 170 claims of priest sex abuse.

Insurance companies have agreed to pay nearly $52 million under the proposal, with the rest of the money coming from various archdiocese assets - but not its parishes and schools.

The reorganization plan, filed just before midnight Monday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, said that 143 claims had been settled for $40.7 million.

It would require the archdiocese to provide up to $13.75 million to pay a remaining 26 claims that have not yet been settled. It also would set up a $20 million fund to pay future claims.

... The archdiocese was the first in the nation to file for bankruptcy protection in July 2004 just as a $135 million priest-abuse lawsuit was scheduled to go to trial.

... After the Portland archdiocese filed for bankruptcy in 2004, dioceses in Tucson, Ariz.; Spokane, Wash.; and Davenport, Iowa, have followed. The Tucson diocese has emerged from its bankruptcy.

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  • Bullroar!  Unless the bishop is independently wealthy, is selling out to some big corporation, or has hit it rich on the megajackpot lottery lately, ALL the money comes from donations, big & small. 

    I’m sick of hearing dioceses claim this “we’re not using your money” crap when they’re caught with their jockeys down.  It all comes from donations and they’re squandering it to pay for their unacceptable behavior.