Out of commission

Out of commission

Both Melanie and I have been whacked with the stomach bug going around so don’t expect any blogging today. What little energy I have must be dedicated to work. Check back tomorrow.

  • If it’s the one that was going around south Jersey recently: my condolences.

    On the plus side: an effective way to avoid holiday weight-gain.

  • Thank you. (Though, somehow I think the littlest one of us is doing just fine. She isn’t sick. She’s dancing to the music only she hears, quite oblivious to mommy’s and daddy’s pain.)

  • Mel:

    My wife, Jeanne, always said:  The baby ALWAYS takes what she needs.

    I hope you and Big Dom feel BETTer!


  • Thanks to everyone. We are feeling a bit better. Though I have also now contracted conjunctivitis as well.

    I’m just glad we didn’t have to deal with the stomach bug and the baby this time. Bad enough having to watch my husband feel miserable and know there isn’t much I can do. Don’t know how I’ll manage when it is my little helpless baby as well. I guess that’s where the special grace of God that is given to mothers comes in.