Our anniversary dinner of sushi

Our anniversary dinner of sushi

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We didn't get to go out for dinner on our anniversary yesterday because my sister-in-law had a last-minute emergency come up so we agreed to delay our dinner out until tonight. So we packed up Benedict, left the girls with Granddad and Auntie, and head out to Fuji Restaurant in Quincy, which is apparently the local hotbed of Asian cuisine. We drove by a half-dozen places, but kept going because Fuji was highest-rated on Yelp. Well, Yelp wasn't wrong.

Sushi has become our de facto anniversary date minly because we get to eat it so rarely otherwise. Either Melanie is pregnant and can't eat raw fish or we just can't find a place to take three kids under 4. So it's special occasions like this that we go.

So, you're asking, was it good? Boy, don't judge this book by it's cover. Fuji may not look like much from the outside but the food was sublime: delicate, perfectly balanced in tastes and texture, and made with extra care and flair. This was the second-best sushi I've had, second only to Zojirushi in San Francisco. It would be hard to beat that experience. But this is my favorite so far on this coast.

And Ben was a real trooper, sleeping right through to the end, which is good because I was prepared to run outside with him and switch off with Melanie if he started crying. Thankfully, that plan never had to be enacted,

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Domenico Bettinelli