O’Malley on the verge of approving VOTF

O’Malley on the verge of approving VOTF

I’m trying real hard to give the benefit of the doubt. I really am. According to the Boston Globe, Archbishop O’Malley is considering reversing Cardinal Law’s bans on Voice of the Faithful.

After admitting he doesn’t know anything about Voice of the Faithful (even though all you’d ever want to know is on their web site; you don’t even have to read what critics wrote), he is now thinking about lifting the ban on the group and accepting their tainted donations. Just listen to Fr. Coyne’s remarks after the meeting:

“Each member of Voice of the Faithful who came made it very clear . . . that they are faithful, good members of their parishes, and that the people who are part of Voice of the Faithful are not dissidents, people who are not out to spread disunity within the church, but just people who want to help the church move forward,” Coyne told reporters after the meeting. “All of us around the table did not see divisions between Catholic and Catholic, but mainly just saw some issues within the family that need to be resolved.”

They aren’t dissidents? They didn’t host speakers at their conference who clearly contradict the Church’s teachings on sexuality? A priest speaking at the conference didn’t say that the Church should reverse its teaching on women’s ordination? The group doesn’t have writings on its web site that clearly contradict numerous dogmas?

Then Coyne goes on to say that the legal settlement with victims means Voice of the Faithful is now somehow acceptable. What does one have to do with the other? Even the victims are miffed that VOTF has somehow edged them out and has usurped their voice.

But maybe all is not lost yet. Maybe O’Malley is preparing for a rope-a-dope.

“We spoke and he listened; he spoke and we listened,” Post said. “I think Archbishop Sean has questions that need to be resolved, and of course we would provide that information. We want to get on with it.”

He hasn’t definitely decided to lift the ban or accept the money. Now is the time folks. If you’re in the Archdiocese of Boston, you have an obligation to help the archbishop get informed about what VOTF really is before he makes his decision.

O’Malley has repeatedly said he does not know much about Voice of the Faithful, which did not have chapters in Fall River or Palm Beach when he was the bishop there. A portion of yesterday’s meeting involved Voice of the Faithful members explaining how their group came about, and about its goals, which include supporting victims and “priests of integrity” and helping to shape structural change in the church.

Don’t let VOTF frame the questions and answers. Don’t let them present the sunnyside of their spin about themselves. The archbishop needs to know the truth.

Call the chancery: (617)254-0100
Or write a letter: 2121 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton, MA 02135

We can’t sit by and do nothing. If we do, then all our complaining when things don’t go right is hypocrisy.

Update: Oh yeah, and someone reminded me that VOTF claims that Archbishop O’Malley wants them to help implement Talking about Touching in the parishes (working with Deacon Anthony Rizzuto, who has demonstrated a lack of understanding of Church teaching on family life.) Grrr. The two betes noir are joining forces.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli