Now it can be told

Now it can be told

Finally, I can tell you all where I will be working come next Monday. I have accepted a position with the Archdiocese of Boston, and specifically with the Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese as Manager of New Initiatives. Without going into too many details, it means I’ll be taking on some special projects that utilize my skills, especially my communications skills honed for years as a journalist.

As you might imagine this is quite a culture change for me. I’m used to being a work-at-home external observer and commentator on the Church and now I’ll be able to work on the inside making a difference for Christ. I think I was serving Christ before and I’m sure I’ll be serving Christ now, but in a different way.

I’m really very excited about the prospect of this new job and about the great people I’ll be working with. I’ve worked with Scot Landry, the archdiocese’s secretary for advancement and head of the Catholic Foundation, on the Boston Catholic Men’s Conference. (His brother is Fr. Roger Landry of the Fall River Diocese, whom many of you know.) I’ve also known Steve Colella, who recently started in the office, for years now. We were both on the organizing team for Boston’s World Youth Day 2000 pilgrimage. And I’ve come to know the other employees of the foundation through some special projects I’ve been doing as a consultant.

If you know these people like I do, you know why I’m excited about the direction the archdiocese is headed in.

Okay, before I start being accused of buttering up my new employer or speaking out of turn, I’ll stop here.

Again, I want to thank all of you for your support over the past year while Melanie and I went through so much, and over the past six years that this blog has been in operation. I’ve been blogging nearly every day of at least 5-1/2 years so giving that up, even for a finite period, is difficult, yet I think it’s good chance to renew and redirect, which would stand me in good stead when and if I can come back to a more regular blogging schedule.