Now it can be told

Now it can be told

Finally, I can tell you all where I will be working come next Monday. I have accepted a position with the Archdiocese of Boston, and specifically with the Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese as Manager of New Initiatives. Without going into too many details, it means I’ll be taking on some special projects that utilize my skills, especially my communications skills honed for years as a journalist.

As you might imagine this is quite a culture change for me. I’m used to being a work-at-home external observer and commentator on the Church and now I’ll be able to work on the inside making a difference for Christ. I think I was serving Christ before and I’m sure I’ll be serving Christ now, but in a different way.

I’m really very excited about the prospect of this new job and about the great people I’ll be working with. I’ve worked with Scot Landry, the archdiocese’s secretary for advancement and head of the Catholic Foundation, on the Boston Catholic Men’s Conference. (His brother is Fr. Roger Landry of the Fall River Diocese, whom many of you know.) I’ve also known Steve Colella, who recently started in the office, for years now. We were both on the organizing team for Boston’s World Youth Day 2000 pilgrimage. And I’ve come to know the other employees of the foundation through some special projects I’ve been doing as a consultant.

If you know these people like I do, you know why I’m excited about the direction the archdiocese is headed in.

Okay, before I start being accused of buttering up my new employer or speaking out of turn, I’ll stop here.

Again, I want to thank all of you for your support over the past year while Melanie and I went through so much, and over the past six years that this blog has been in operation. I’ve been blogging nearly every day of at least 5-1/2 years so giving that up, even for a finite period, is difficult, yet I think it’s good chance to renew and redirect, which would stand me in good stead when and if I can come back to a more regular blogging schedule.

  • Dom—how perfect. It’s a win-win situtation and I’m delighted that your job search ended so fruitfully. God is good.

  • That is great news Dom!! I too am excited to know that there are many good people working for the Archdiocese. There is much to look forward to!

  • Congratulations.  You will have to leave early in the a.m. as Brighton is molto lontano .  Also, Senore, you are going to have to tenga la vostra linguetta more than usual.

  • Say it ain’t so! Not about the job part as I am happy you finally found something in your two areas of strength.  Catholicism and journalism.

    But if this is the end of regular blogging, it will be a sad day for St. Blogs parish.  As one of my favorite bloggers and always on my must read list.  A fine mix of well thought out Catholic information and a good head for truly conservative politics.
    you will be missed!

  • Dom, welcome to working for Mother Church—directly! Not easy but rewarding and filled with challenges that God *will* use. Having done it for 20+ years, all I can say is: you will grow in faith and in love for Mother Church and for *all* who labor in the Christ’s Vineyard.

    Peace to you—and your family.

  • Happy news! Congratulations and all God’s blessings on you and your family AND your “employer”. I know great things will be happening in Boston! We’ll be on the lookout!

  • Let me add to all of the good wishes on your new job and what that means for you and your lovely family!  I hope that, after a brief hiatus, you will find some regular time to again add your sane and often holy thoughts in these difficult times.  It may be much—but I know that I would miss reading your blog and discussing with all the fine contributors here the cutting issues affecting us as Catholics, Christians and Americans.

  • Wonderful news! And here I thought that the Cigar place on Newbury Street had hooked you in as their aficianado and buyer! Boy, I wasn’t going to win that set of Louis L’Armour books, I guess.


    And tell Colella he owes me an email. Not an explanation, tho that’d be nice!!! But at least an email for goodness sake!!!! (grumbling under my breath because he left oym, well, what was left of oym)

  • Congratulations and best wishes.  Guess I’ll just have to read Melanie’s blog all the time now…

  • Glad for you.  Sad for the Catholic blogging world.  But I do have a feeling you will still be in it part way.  Maybe you should team up with another faithful blogger…  I am in grief.  May God bless you!


  • Congratulations on the job!  Sounds like a great fit for you and the diocese!
    But I too will miss your blog!

  • Your new job is yet another ray of hope for the Archdiocese of Boston !!! Good orthodox people are making great strides in cleaning up the mess here, and I am excited that you will be joining the effort.

    Congratulations Dom – I just hope you don’t have to commute to Braintree when the offices move !

  • Very happy to learn of your new employment.
    May Our Lord bless you in all of your endeavors.

    And may your diocese be very liberal in implementing the up coming Motu Proprio

  • I’m so glad you will be working for the Archdiocese! it’s great to know that people of rea; faith are there.
    I just met Scott landry last night and he seems like a terrific guy.
    Congratulations, Dom.

  • Maybe it’s best not to unpack those books until you move again.  I hear that boxes can become a structural element in your new home’s decor!  grin

    Congratulations, Dom!

  • Congratulations Dom. My wife Christine and I are so happy for you and your family. Your orthodoxy, knowledge, skills and heartfelt love for the Church will be a big plus for the Archdiocese.

    I will miss your thought provoking blog, but first things first!

  • Good luck! Maybe our paths will cross as we try to help build up the Faith of Catholics in this archdiocese which has been so beset with problems over the past decade. If you are moving to St. Anne’s in Peabody you will be in the parish of my son and his family. If St. John’s you will be in the parish of a long-time and dedicated deacon—Deacon Leo Martin.

  • Actually, we’re still close enough to continue attending our parish in Salem. Even so Our Lady of the Holy Rosary parish (Portuguese/Brazilian) is literally around the corner and St. Thomas is a couple hundred yards down the street. St. John’s a 5 minutes away as is St. James in Salem. Isn’t the Church in Boston funny?

  • Just read about Peter Meade’s stabbing of Cardinal O’Malley in the back on the gay marriage issue. I hope you and Landries, etc. can help the Cardinal pick people to help him who won’t plunge the knife in deep. Peter Meade had been a media talk show host for years and everyone who heard some of his leftist rants knew he would be more loyal to leftist political doctrine than the Catholic Faith—especially as expressed in the public square—when push came to shove.

  • Hi, Dom:

    What great news! Sounds like you’ll be working in a wonderful environment.

    Congratulations –

  • Good news and good luck—they are lucky to have you.

    Love the glowing wood floors in your new digs.

    May life be full and rich in every way for you all.

    Keep us posted on your major thoughts and events.

  • Congratulations, Dom! I wish you well in your new endeavor.  Your family has been in my prayers; I hope this will be the start of even more abundant blessings for you and yours.