Not a great start

Not a great start

What a morning.

First, I got a late start and was rushing to get on the road. Since it was cold out I was scraping the ice from my car’s windows when the ice scraper broke. I think the darn things are designed to fail after one year’s use. Sitting in the car, freezing in the winter and heating over the summer, must stress the plastic or something.

I remembered that there were a couple of scrapers in the back of the minivan, which we transferred there from my old car last winter. So it would be a simple matter of popping open the tailgate and grabbing them.

Um, not so simple.

Yesterday, Melanie had picked up a dresser she’d found on Craigslist, which was still sitting in the back of the minivan. Unfortunately, when I cracked the tailgate, the dresser shifted and I couldn’t get the door closed again. Argh!

That meant I had to take the dresser out and move it to the porch by the back door. It didn’t make any sense to just shift it back into the back of the car so I could close the door.

Finally, I had my scraper, but of course by the time I got back to my car the defrosters had done their work: No more ice on the windows!

Some days you just want to go back into the house, climb back into bed, and start again.

  • Ah yes, now it begins, the morning routine with the ice scrapers . . .

    Every year, about this time, I start asking myself, “Why do I stay in New England?”

    In January and February the question is asked through clenched teeth while shoveling out one or both of the cars . . .

    I will continue asking until about mid-March . . . I still don’t have an answer . . .

    Global warming can’t happen fast enough to suit me!

  • “Some days you just want to go back into the house, climb back into bed, and start again.”

    … or just stay there.

  • Did you ever hear the one that goes something like this:

    “Dear Lord, I am sorry because today I have been cranky, rude and offensive.  I apologize for lacking faith, being critical of others, being full of bad thoughts, and not loving You enough.

    “I ask you to forgive me, and ask for your help, because now I am going to get out of bed and start my day.”

    Ever have a day like thatsmile

  • You know, because I’m baking pecan pies (no Karo, real pies have no corn syrup) and other casseroles and souffles for tomorrow’s feast, I have the front door open.  It’s barely 65F outside, and that oven has my house sweltering.

    Oh the joys of God’s Country, south of Mason and Dixon’s Line.

  • “no Karo, real pies have no corn syrup”


    Haven’t made a pecan pie yet this year. Haven’t got the usual shipment of nuts from mom and dad—who have 3 pecan trees in the back yard and an air rifle to keep away the squirrels.