No power = no blogging

No power = no blogging

It’s a bright, blue-sky, clear day in Salem… and as cold as the North Pole. The temperature is a balmy 9 degrees right now, up from 2 degrees this morning at 9 am. Plus the wind is blowing hard, 25 to 35 mph with gusts of 50 mph. (Got to love that MacOS X Dashboard weather widget.)

What that means is that it’s cold, but also that the power keeps going out. In the past 18 hours we’ve lost power three times, twice today, which is very annoying when you depend on the computer to get your work done. Which also means that I need to spend what time I have with the power on doing paying work, not blogging. Sorry folks. Hopefully, I can do some more later tonight.

Grr. Brr.

I told Melanie that if we ever hit it big, I’m going to build a house with its own auxiliary generator and fireplaces and woodstoves everywhere. For now, I’m dreaming of tropical beaches and warm breezes.

Incidentally, I went out to run some errands and stopped at the grocery store. Their (Windows XP-based) checkout registers didn’t cope well with the power outage and weren’t working even after the power came back up so they were reduced to calculators, old-fashioned scales, and a single debit/credit card reader. But the Muzak was working. The song when I was in there: The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia. No kidding.

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  • Thankfully the lights aren’t out here in Georgia.  It’s cloudlessly sunny and 68 degrees.  How you people can live up there is beyond me.

  • (Got to love that MacOS X Dashboard weather widget.)

    I do NOT have to love it. Whoever created it is evil. I already KNOW the bleeping temperature! I can FEEL it. Sheesh.

    And Stan? You…you…

    Never mind. wink