New blog: Catholic Media Review

New blog: Catholic Media Review

There’s a new blog from some of your favorite Catholic bloggers called Catholic Media Review. Their goal is to offer reviews of movies (and TV shows, if the writers’ strike ever ends) from a distinctly Catholic perspective. In their own words:

Our hope is that there also will be some discussion about what makes a good movie. We’ll be looking not only at which movies might have a positive impact on society (The Passion of the Christ, Amazing Grace, Into Great Silence, Bella) but also highlighting when secular mainstream films have underlying themes that support Christian values in general or those of the Catholic Church in particular. For example, Waitress and Juno have had their pro-life messages touted widely but few people are talking about the Christian themes underlying I Am Legend or Sweeney Todd.

Bookmark it, add it to your RSS feeds, and see what they have to offer.