My new job, 2016

My new job, 2016

I'm happy to announce that my weeklong unemployment has ended and I have a new position. On March 14, I will start as the new Director of Community Engagement with Massachusetts Citizens for Life, the primary pro-life education and advocacy public policy organization in the Commonwealth. This is a new role for them and I will be responsible for advancing the mission of MCFL through the delivery of programs, services, and events related to grassroots advocacy and increasing the number of active donors to and supporters of MCFL’s work, as well as diversifying the demographics of supporters. The primary means will be through online media, such as web sites, email, social media, et al, although traditional media are part of it.

I'm very excited to be able to work for an organization that works for a cause that I can be passionate about.

It's funny how it came about, too. On the same day I received the bad news about my old job, a friend was having a conversation with the president of MCFL, who was telling him that she wanted to create this position. When she was asked for the profile of the sort of person she wanted, she mentioned me by name. Later that day, when I told my friend about my circumstances, he immediately put me in contact with MCFL and off we went. Must be divine Providence.