More to explore at Bettnet

More to explore at Bettnet

We’re always getting new readers here at Bettnet, so I thought I’d mention a few things you might not know about.

First there’s the Bettnet Discussion Forums, in which readers can post new threads and discuss anything they like (within reason!) I’ll usually try to post a notice about them on the main page here. You can also find my archive of articles I’ve had published and some of my most popular blog posts.

There’s also the Bettnet reader map at Frappr. Click on the map to add your name and locale and even a photo. We have 198 people listed there so far from around the world. I know that there’s a lot more of you than that, 198 is a small subset of the more than 3,000 of you who come every day. So make your mark!

For all your apparel needs, there’s the Bettnet store, where I have some of my favorite “Love Different” designs featuring Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul. I’ve added baby apparel (mainly for our baby due in May).

Of course, all these—and more!—are linked from the menu at the top right of the page, so have a look see through the rest of the pages as well.

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  • Thank you for doing this, Dom—I’ve been here awhile and only found out about the Forums last week.  Not very observant, I suppose…