More storm stories

More storm stories

A couple of other weather-related stories come to mind. My mom was down from Maine for Mother’s Day weekend and my nephew John Paul’s First Communion on Saturday. As I mentioned before we didn’t make it down to the Mass because of the weather and incipient baby-bearing, so we didn’t think we’d see her on Sunday. However, my sister Evelyn who lives in the flood plain formerly known as Peabody, Mass., asked her to pick up a water pump from down near my brother’s house because every single pump in a 10 mile radius of Peabody has been bought up.

So up they came on their way home to Maine, but still we weren’t sure we’d see them because my other sister, Francesca, with whom my mom lives, was worried about flooding down the very steep hill behind her house (which turned out not to be a worry.) So off they went again—until the car broke down. So we did get to see my mom after all because she stayed overnight with us. (My brother Bernie drove the camper up here for Francesca to take home; mom stayed here to pick up the repaired car today.) Last night we went on a very soggy trip for Chinese food as an impromptu Mother’s Day dinner. (Gourmet Garden in Swampscott; very good!)

Unfortunately, mom’s car was towed to and repaired in the little hamlet of Georgetown, which wouldn’t be bad except that every major road (and many minor ones) into and out of Georgetown were flooded. We drove all over the place to get to the service station and then all over the place trying to get back until I discovered that were about a mile from the highway in a different direction anyway. (Stupid Google Maps directions!)

We eventually got headed in the right direction, stopping for dinner and Babies-R-Us on the way home. The weathermen say we’ll have sunny skies on Wednesday. I’ll believe it when I see it. And if I see one more blow-dried newsreader telling us this summer that we’re suffering a drought, I’m going to blow my top. Because, you know, it’s never the right kind of rain, whatever that means.

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Domenico Bettinelli