Mitt Romney, pro-life?

Mitt Romney, pro-life?

There’s a blog out there called Catholics for Romney, supporting Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in his campaign for Republican nomination for President. The subhead for the site calls him “pro-life.” Really? That’s not the Mitt Romney I heard when he was running for governor against Shannon O’Brien in 2002.

The blog includes an AP article on the Mormon guv looking for support from Catholics, which includes this bit:

Romney’s alliance with Catholic leaders on conservative social issues like abortion and gay marriage could reap political rewards as he seeks to cultivate support outside Massachusetts among conservative Christians, one of the Republican Party’s core constituencies.

Two problems here: abortion and gay marriage. Romney is with the Catholic Church on neither of them. On gay marriage, as others have ably demonstrated on this site, Romney ordered city and town clerks to issue marriage licenses to gays despite the fact that no law had been passed legalizing gay marriage. The state’s Supreme Judicial Court had only ordered the Legislature to take up the matter by May 17, 2004, it did not create a law allowing it. Romney did not fight with every tool in his arsenal against the re-definition of marriage.

The differences on abortion are even more stark, as demonstrated by the following list of quotes I received in an email today:

Romney’s pro-abortion rhetoric

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Domenico Bettinelli