Mexico invading US

Mexico invading US

The Minuteman Project, the civilian group of volunteers watching the southern US borders for illegal border crossing are claiming that Mexican military units have been accompanying drug smugglers into the United States. Last week there was some kind of standoff between them and Texas law enforcement officers.

Mexico, of course, denies any such incursions and says it is just smugglers. At the very least these men are wearing military uniforms, carrying military hardware, and are driving military vehicles. If they aren’t the Mexican Army, they’re a reasonable facsimile.

They abandoned two civilian SUVs, one of which they set on fire. The other reportedly contained 1,400 pounds of marijuana.

The Minutemen also provided some video footage of an encounter with these guys at the border. That doesn’t seem very definitive to me, but maybe I’m missing something.

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  • The Mexican invasion, the muslim immigrant invasion and the chinese immigrant invasion ought to meet right about St. Louis, Missouri.  That’ll be some fight, huh?

    We need to lock our borders down now.  No dual citizenships, and immigrants need to learn to speak English and assimilate or get shipped back freight.