Mexican “Catholic” pro-abortion group

Mexican “Catholic” pro-abortion group

The headline says “Liberal Mexican Catholic group announces support for legalized abortion”, but what we have here is a group that claims to be Catholic. But is it really?

In reality Catholics for the Right to Choose (or “Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir”) is just another “sock puppet” arm of the so-called “Catholics” For a Free Choice, which is itself anything but a grassroots organization. It is instead an organization that consists of a staff almost entirely funded by pro-abortion groups.

By using a name that implies a broad base of support among the Catholic laity, the mainstream media is sure to give their statements equal weight to that of any bishop or the Vatican, as if it’s entirely proper for a Catholic to be pro-abortion.

The group took out an ad in Mexican newspapers promoting abortion and in it they make a classic logical error:

The ad went on to protest the church’s position, saying, “If our bishops defend life starting at conception, why don’t they promote marches against violence against women?”

Why don’t we turn it around on them. If they’re so concerned about defending women’s “rights”, why is the only “right” they seem concerned with is abortion?

No organization has done more to advance the dignity of women in history than the Catholic Church, but the big lie has been pushed so relentlessly and so often that it’s accepted without a protest.

And after all, preventing abortion does stop violence against women—both mothers and daughters.

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  • I haven’t check out the financial support for this group, but if experience is any guide I will bet that there are several major U.S. foundations heavily invested in “Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir”.  Some of our American philanthropists are not that far afield from the philosophies that produced Nazism and Marxist-Leninism.