Mel’s Medjugorje movie

Mel’s Medjugorje movie

While we’re on the topic of the second anniversary of The Passion of the Christ: I don’t know about the accuracy of this report, but I’m going to treat it as a rumor until I see something in the trade press, but this Medjugorje blog says Mel Gibson is visiting Medjugorje to make a movie about Marian apparitions.

Mel Gibson, the Hollywood actor and film producer, is due to visit Medjugorje in February to begin work on a new film based on the apparitions and messages of Our Lady. Gibson, who directed, The Passion of Christ, is thought to have been influenced by actor Jim Caviezel, a frequent visitor to the Shrine with his wife, Kerri (below). Commenting on the documentary film, Fr Jozo Zovko said it will be a spiritual story, not a movie about miracles and extraordinary events. The former pastor of the Medjugorje parish also had some input to Mel Gibson’s film, The Passion of Christ. Lead actor Jim Caviezel spent 10 days with the Franciscan priest to help prepare for the role as Jesus. At that time the Resurrection scene was not part of the film, but was included at Fr Jozo’s suggestion.

This is also the first I’ve heard about Caviezel’s Medjurgorje connections. A lot has been said and written about Gibson and future Catholic-related films since the success of The Passion, much of it speculation, rumor, or just flights of fancy. Still, it’s worth keeping an ear to the ground.

[Thanks to Mark for the link.]

Update: The post at that link above has been taken down and replaced by a short message that an “update” will be posted later.

Update 2: That blog is now saying that two separate stories got conflated. Gibson is going to Medjugorje and a screenwriter is writing a movie script, but Gibson has nothing to do with the script. Clears that up I guess.

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